Cross Reading

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What is a Cross reading?

  • I use this spread that has been passed down. I am unsure if there are others who read like I do, but this is definitely not the Celtic Cross.
  • This is great for general readings as it tells me a little about your current situation with what may be bothereing you (obstacles), recent past, near future, thoughts, you, who/what is there to provide support or help. And, a message from the Universe (given through an Oracle card)
  • There are 6 parts to this reading:
    • You - this will let me peek into your essence
    • Thoughts/Ideas - lets me see what your thoughts of most importance are.
    • Recent Past - a situation or person that recently had an impact on you, whether positive or not.
    • Near Future - allows me to see what you can focus on to overcome your situation or a peek at your near future's outlook.
    • Support - this could be a person, or a thing/focus. It could even be you, your higher-self.
    • Obstacles - this shows what is holding you back, or who.
    • Message from the Universe - anything that the Universe may be trying to get across to you.
  • You will receive you reading via email, in .PDF so that you may reference back to it at any time.


Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only.