Custom Enchanted Fragrance



Beyond your typical custom fragrance, we will create a fragrance that enhances your aura…and gives you a specific boost in an area of your life that needs it. We use corresponding herbs, flowers or roots to augment the magick of your fragrance as well as an amethyst chip.

  • Your fragrance will be crafted with essential oils. Please let us know if you have allergies to any scents.
  • We will reach out within 24 hours after you place your order so that we may discuss your fragrance in detail.
  • We will keep your formula on file, if you would like to re-order.

Optional – Ritual after you finish your fragrance:

    • Remove baggie containing herbs, let it dry.
    • Burn it (use a fire-safe bowl or cauldron) along with a petition that you may write with a marker directly on the baggie.
    • Use empty fragrance bottle for sprayable moon water and keep the amethyst chip inside.

Base: Perfumer’s alcohol blend with a natural fixative.

Recommended Use: Use daily, spray on pulse points.

Size: 30 ml