Potent Spell Kit & Cleanse (10 piece)



Custom made to your specific need. Guide included to help you.

This set is custom made (all items are hand-made), includes any of the 10 items listed and some not listed, everything is intuitively chosen for your need:

  • Intention Votive (beeswax) stamped with rune and dressed
  • Intuitively chosen rough gemstone
  • Spell Bottle (you will seal yourself with the votive candle):
    • pink salt
    • herb mix baggie
    • 4cm x 6.5cm papyrus piece of paper to write your intention on
  • Black Salt (not pictured)
  • Moon Water Vial (not pictured)
  • Spiritual Wash
  • Spiritual Smoke Cleanse with mini cauldron
  • Intention Oil
  • Infused Soap
  • Intention Wax Melts
  • Spiritual Cleansing Spray
  • Spiritual Herbal Bath
  • Any other item that wants to go home to you and assist