Spiritual Consult: Tarot & Spell




What in the world is a spiritual consult? Just as we need to maintain our bodies healthy and our minds sharp, we also need to take care of our spirit.

I provide an in-depth 40-card tarot reading. From there, you and I will discuss and focus on the areas you need to work on. Once we have an understanding of what you need, I will gather and handcraft magickal items (candle, intention oil, fragrance, spell bottle, spell ritual, spiritual cleansing wash, etc) that will help you manifest your need – or clear your burdens – so that your spirit can heal and grow.

Reading can be scheduled as early as a few hours, but within 72 hours max. Please provide three dates and time (including time zone) in the text box above.

Magickal Rx will ship 48 hours after reading, or depending on what we agree up on.