Spiritual Wash



Spiritual cleansing crafted with sea water, moon water, essential oils and herbs. Custom-made based on your need.

Size: 60 ml (Concentrated, must be diluted. Please follow directions below.)


  1. Pour wash into a larger container (must hold at least a gallon of liquid) and set it close to your shower.
  2. Shower as you normally would (no bath), best if used before bed.
  3. After you are done with your shower, bring in the container and add warm water.
    • Dilute the wash into a minimum of 8 cups of water.
  4. Pour over yourself and in your mind speak your intentions or say a prayer.
    • Keep your eyes and mouth closed.
  5. Best if you air dry; but, you can pat yourself dry.
  6. Enjoy a blessed rest!

CAUTION: Perform a sensitivity test before use. Rub on your forearm to ensure your skin is not sensitive. Do not use, if your skin becomes irritated.