5 Witchy Herbs in Apothecary Jars




Bottles will be filled to capacity (3.3 oz)

Please choose 5 from the list below:

Agrimony cut

Alfalfa Leaf cut

Angelica Root cut

Barberry Root Bark cut

Bay Leaves (cut in pieces)

Bayberry Tree Bark cut

Blessed Thistle

Burdock Root cut

Calamus Root cut

Calendula Flower

Catnip cut

Cat’s Claw Bark cut

Chamomile Flower whole

Cinnamon cut

Cloves Whole

Coltsfoot Leaf cut

Comfrey Leaf cut

Comfrey Root cut

Damiana Leaf cut

Dandelion Leaf cut

Devil’s Claw Root cut

Dog Grass root cut

Echinacea Purpurea Leaf cut

Eucalyptus cut

Feverfew cut

Galangal Root cut “Chewing John”

Ginger Root cut

Goldenrod cut

Goldenseal cut

Hibiscus Flower whole

Hops Flower whole

Horehound cut

Horse Chestnut cut

Hyssop cut

Jasmine Flowers whole

Lemon Balm cut

Lemon Verbena Leaf cut

Licorice Root cut

Linden Flower cut

Mandrake cut

Marshmallow Root cut

Mistletoe cut

Motherwort cut

Mugwort cut

Mullein Leaf cut

Nettle “Stinging” Leaf cut

Passion Flower cut

Pennyroyal Leaf cut

Raspberry Leaf cut

Red Clover cut

Rose Petals pink

Rosemary Leaf whole

Sage Leaf cut

Spearmint cut

St John’s Wort cut

Strawberry Leaf cut

Thyme Leaf whole

Valerian Root cut

Vervain cut

White Oak Bark cut

White Pine Bark cut

White Sage

White Willow Bark cut

Wild Lettuce leaf cut

Witches Grass cut

Wormwood cut

Yarrow Flower

Yellowdock Root cut